Give yourself the largest pay raise of your lifetime.

  • Imagine your life with more wealth.

    What would you do if you had more time?

    How would you feel if you had more success?

  • Getting clients and contracts is easy.

    The hardest part is collecting the cash.


    Just in case we haven't met yet

    Meet Nicole D. Gaines

    Business Coach ~ Author ~ Speaker helping consultants, contractors, and coaches how to increase their Cashflow so that they can pay themselves first consistently.


    Nicole aka The Cashflow Queen. Founder of Construct[H]er. She brings to you more than 20 years of corporate and public service leadership experience in Construction Accounting. She knows what it takes to thrive in an ever changing world of policies and procedures. Nicole's proven methods have provided her clients the infrastructure to be able to scale up or down to fit where they are in their business. She knows how to zig when they zag to remain a financial prosperous company. Her team is made up of highly knowledgeable finance and business professionals that are dedicated to the success of your business.

  • Let me show you where you are leaving the money on the table!

    We help you move from technician to CEO in your business so that you can make the money that you deserve. PERIOD!

    Level Up Your Cash


    If you have great business ideas don't know where to start first. You just want to launch them all. Here is where we idea dump and brainstorm to choose that one irresistible offer that you can monetize from.

    NEXT LEVEL VIP Day Business Strategy Sessions (Very Limited Availability)

    Need One on One Attention

    Take a day to work on your business. Move from Technician to CEO with this VIP Strategy Day. This is for the coach, consultant, or contractor that needs one on one attention to develop a unique plan to execute immediately.

    Construct[Her] Collective (By Appointment Only)

    Group Coaching Program

    This is where it all goes down. This is where great minds meet community. This is the program where we will get deep into your business to find the cash that you have been leaving on the table. This is for an exclusive group of entrepreneurs committed to rising above the status quo in their finances. This is for entrepreneur who is ready build their financial high-rise along side other Elite entrepreneurs. Schedule your call today.

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